4.13.2020/AGENDA> “I’m Working Undercover For The Man”

It was Easter Sunday yesterday, so when I woke up around sundown I decided to walk to the cemetary near my house. With the quarantine I’ve been doing the exploring of my immediate surroundings which would have been natural to me twenty years ago with less technology and experience combed over my five senses’ natural thirst. I made it there and back before the rain hit and without thinking too seriously about death. Just listening to podcasts on the Bicameral mind and fucking around. Didn’t hop the fence, just took a pic with my phone and posted that I did the feat and fuck you to God, how’s that for irony I checked out the cemetary on Easter. Just to see check what’s popping today. But it’s all low key just to walk and stay alive.

Most interesting part of the blog listening to was the idea that metaphor is the creator of consciousness? Something in the talking about the Bicameral mind… Basically we compare what we know to that which we sense in the world outside, and the bridge is a metaphor. Metaphor, the latin root they mentioned is to bridge across or carry across, something like that.

The idea that we both observe the world, as external phenomenon, and create our experience as interacting mind, seems to be a theme this week.

But speaking of metaphor and its power, I read something the other day to the tune of… ‘Man is the character of his body and organs… His heart is a pump, and therefore all one’s actions are contrived to see that the pump doesn’t stop.’ Almost caught me up short. I guess its one of those character traits that make the hero more possible in their mission. Like Rust Cohle’s synaesthesia in True Detective. Or Batman’s ability to vastly slow his heartbeat through meditative willpower. There comes a time when we encounter that component that tells it like it is… And…


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