Film Watching: ‘THEM THAT FOLLOW’ (2019)

Thanks to my friend Hollie who recommended I watch the film ‘THEM THAT FOLLOW’ (2019). I just did the other night, and it was an amazing one. It’s about a sect or cult of snake handling Christians up in a particular closed off mountain pass. I tried to watch it with an open mind, and was looking for insight into a character in my novel who I have decided recently is religious, in her own way. One of the greatest things I got out of it, was that there was a point when they had to make a decision on something and rather than science and a simple application of that technological ability, they predicated the decision on it being a ‘sacrifice’, so that it had meaning for the person, AND the application. And this got at some of the deeper meanings of technology I have studied and what the things push-button capabilities hide under the surface from view, but not in terms of actual complexity of what is happening. Very much worth a watch!

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