4.25.2020>Daily Walk / Video Diary – Hermeneutics / My Poetics

Woke up in late afternoon again, and spent too long after I did wake up talking on Facebook about the latest news bullshit, about Trump legit not knowing that bleach is a poison. Because the man never done a dish in his whole life. So I was trying to post a bunch of shit on Facebook trying to make that point stick, like that’s my job or like I can make a difference on that. Wasting time, talking to people who don’t want to learn shit, while I ruin my life trying to teach shit I already am supposed to know, but forget to practice, here, with myself.

But eventually I did take my daily walk up to the windmill, and tried to put into words the feeling I have these days of approaching a moment where I can formulate something… to say that comes from me. Which is why I am doing these video diaries in the first place, and also slowly making progress on my novel, ‘The Skein’.

Video Diary 1 of 2
Video Diary 2 of 2
Gum Scene – 0:39 – 0:53

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