5.03.2020>Daily Walk / Video Diary – Starting Weekly Dispatches w/Tarot, NeoPaganism, & Cyberpunk

According to some philosophers, we live in the age of Post-Modernism, the era after meaning, after the center has collapsed and all interpretation and authority is up for grabs for whoever shouts loudest or can claim the territority for themselves in their own distinct ways. Long ago, the Church was the center of the universe and the source of everyman’s ‘Meta-Narrative’– the story of all truth in the universe, eminating from the top on down. Now, we are left to tell our own stories, as well we can. “Everything is strategic and adventurous, for these reasons, there is nowhere to begin.’ I am starting weekly Neo-Pagan Techno-Shaman Cyberpunk Dispatches with Tarot Card pulls, Art-Maps, and Arch-Themes for the Week behind and ahead. 

I’m experimenting with different types of videos and other app options besides the instagram vids, and working with my cell phone which only has a functioning camera on one side at the moment. Planning to do a weekly dispatch each Sunday with a tarot card pull, a song or movie, and some topic to thread through the week ahead. Which I will revisit and push forward the next Sunday with new insights. Check the video below for my rationale. I am strategizing contra-post-modernism as a modernist regenerate. Trying to hold the center, so these anarchists can unleash themselves upon the world. I plan to drop one later this evening if all goes to plan.

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