5.04.2020>Daily Walk / Video Diary / Monday Monarch Writing Meeting / Finish Roadside Picnic

Our writing group The Monarch Writers had our meeting (virtual) this evening. Had a few readings and a good discussion. We’re working on a prompt for the month of May regarding spiritual discipline, how the lockdown has forced awareness of strictures that were already there, now more apparent, leading to a stronger sense of self-direction. I came up with the theme, thinking about it in conjunction with why I am doing my new weekly video dispatch. The word we’re using to describe the prompt is YOGA. This page has a good description of the original sanskrit meaning of the word and in the Hindu religious practices.

“Yogas chitta vritti nirodha” (“Yoga is the neutralization of the vortices of feeling.”)


The page also outlines the different types of spiritual disciplines,

  • Karma Yoga
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • Gyana Yoga
  • Raja Yoga

Which offer interesting views on different approaches to awareness and living, being the point of the exercise for me. That, and trying not to go stir crazy when there ain’t nothing to do but watch movies and read, if you’re up for it. You know, staying sane and living in your brain. Très Zen.

Reposting the first issue of my new weekly video blog.

Got pics of this weeks scrapbook offering. Finished this yesterday 05.03.2020 – Going to do these on Sunday and then include them in the NEXT week’s weekly video blog, as a kind of recap of the previous week. This one has a quote I heard from an intro to an old time radio show I’ve been listening to, CBS Radio Mystery Theater, which talked about an eagle that was shot down by an arrow, only to find the feather on the arrow that shot her down she recognized as coming from her own wing. Turns out it is from one of Aesop’s Fables.

L’Estrange’s translation (1692) – THE EAGLE AND ARROW

“An Eagle that was watching upon a Rock once for a Hare, had the ill Hap to be struck with an Arrow. This Arrow, it seems was feather’d from her own Wing, which very Consideration went nearer her Heart, she said, then Death itself.

THE MORAL OF THE FOUR FABLES ABOVE. Nothing goes nearer a Man in his Misfortunes, than to find himself undone by his own folly, or but any way accessary to his own Ruin.

Authority, who Authorized, this Search Light, Flares Along
The Road Blocks in Your Eyes, Always Surprised When Questioned By The Moment
If! I Should Realize, A Voice That Permeates Osmosis Jonesing Hearts
I Was So Expert In My Downplay Of The Need to Be Correct
You Should See Me Work The Angels Of The Dangerous Curves
Bury Me Upstanding Naturally Disastered Among Those Bad Stars, Citizen of Heavenly Rule

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