05.10.2020>Weekly Neuronal (Dis)Patch – Cyberpunk Philosophy and Art Vlog #2

Here’s the second weekly installment of the new weekly video blog I am doing. I am working on them usually on Sundays and trying to release on late Sunday or Monday each week going forward, but am still working out some kinks and getting some better equipment for audio and video. Please let me know what you think in the youtube comments! I welcome any kind of feedback. I am not sure I am still going to do the video devoted to the film Stalker that I have been talking about previously, and instead may talk about the ideas I have been gathering around that in these upcoming video dispatches. Since I am doing a different film ‘review’ each week, maybe I will focus on Stalker one of the weeks coming up. But I put together a lot of ideas for that one so definitely want to do something with what I self-discovered regarding that. I’ll be back next week with a new tarot card pull and a discussion of the film ‘The Night Stalker’ (1972) based on the TV Show ‘Kolchak: The Night Stalker’ an early 70’s prototype of the X-Files. Looking forward to watching that one and you are welcome to watch it as well for the discussion and post comments.

The Haunted Typewriter Weekly Dispatch – 05.10.2020 – A Cyberpunk Vlog from TheHauntedTypewriter.com
Tarot Card Of The Week – Eight of Swords
Film of the Week – The Kovak Box (2006)
Discussing – Science, Experiment, Art, Teleology, Cosmology, Narcissistic Meta-Fiction, Choices of Will and Conscious Apprehension, Art and Unconscious Exploration, Time Wasted Being Happy, Capitalism and Mortality, Scientology, Games (Which Need Rules), & Vampires

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