05.13.2020> EMERGENCE of Theme / RECURRENCE of Eternal Spirit

So a theme seems to be emerging, or recurring, from studies today, and what I previously mentioned in a post on Descartes and his impact on philosophy and the world after. The idea that science and scientism is reductive and wants to make things flat and explainable, which has the side effect of pinning them to the dissection board, dead. Descartes wanted to reduce the world to consciousness and matter, and thus in his view there was no room for spirit, (IN HIS VIEW being the key phrase, because how we was looking when he applied his method, was crucial, I believe). But today I am researching the Logical Positivists, a philosophical school around the early 21st century including, I think.. Bertrand Russell, Gottlob Frege, and also encompassing the Vienna School which could be said to include Ludwig Wittenstein. The emerging theme seems to be that there is still some magic and motion left in the spirit, but it is often overlooked or simply forgotten by most methodologies or accounts. Or, if you view it as a conscious discipline, philosophy, a yoga and spiritual path, then it is up to us each day to ensure that it isn’t so. I think of the movie Full Metal Jacket where Matthew Modine’s character wear’s a peace button on his lapel in the middle of the Vietnam war. Check the video below for his response when a superior effort calls him out on it. That’s what I’m talking about here. Note: When the officer demands he take off the button, he walks off, seemingly having agreed to remove it, but he is still wearing it in further scenes. Who knows, maybe he just forgot to take it off.

Full Metal Jacket – Peace Button / Born to Kill
Frege, Russell, & Modern Logic – A. J. Ayer
A. J. Ayer on Logical Positivism and Its Legacy (1976)

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