05.23.2020> ‘The Anatomy of Melancholy’

Reading this nifty book ‘The Anatomy of Melancholy’ to discuss on my video podcast in conjunction with watching the film ‘Melancholia’ by Lars Von Trier this week. This book is nuts, one of those books that is just endlessly a joy to indulge in. Written by Robert Burton under the pseudonym ‘Democritus Junior’ because Democritus liked to LAUGH at the madness of mankind. Published in 1621, this lengthy tome is chock full of quotations from all types of classic literary sources, so that it described as a pasquinade and act of philology as much as an original work, it dissects the causes, types, and potential cures for ‘MELANCHOLY’, which the author claims himself to suffer from. And the book itself is said to be a distraction from that suffering, ultimately as busy activity and being against isolation is the main remedy on philosophical offer from this engaging author.
Here is the book well discussed by the podcast ‘Blacklisted’ with guest, author Philip Pullman, and look for my video coming on Monday on this page.


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