Look Up For Once, SEE! Just How The Sun Sets In The Sky

I witnessed on the back end of transport crew, a horseless carriage thing that turned fossil fuels to motion, a scene of smoke and burnt out buildings mingling with a horizon of pink and blue cloudfare. It was pitiable and misery-inducing, but also, glorious and terrifying. I saw in the smokedust gently rising to meet the dawn, or dusk, or phantom light of something other, what poets and philosophers call ‘the ridiculous sublime’. Where the awe-full and belligerent-compelling forces of nature are framed judiciously with the rational mind of man in a terrifying grip of insane-sanity. The mortal engines of our love and duties transported backwards into some chaotic infinite realm of possibility and endless meaning of all hope and pain. Illiterate businessman posing as social engineers, calling themselves political animals, tell me nothing needs to change, while the billboards that would sing me siren-sleeping to my death of this end crumble from the side of a highway to nowhere. I laugh and ask if you brought coffee. We need to clean up, you spit in your hand and slick back my cowlicky hair. If we do enough to mend the troubles, I hear we may be rewarded with fast red cars and college scholarships. I tell you I love you, and we simply turn the music UP. #PeopleShouldGetBeatUpForStatingTheirBeliefs #IWantAShoeHornWithTeeth


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