Scientific Reductionism Briefly Considered From A Futurist Perspective – Link to an Article on ‘NeuroPsychology’

I fear many of the horizons we are rushing towards in our culture of scientism and technology worship are reductionist and objectionable to a thriving inner life. I see hearts and minds closing, and pathways to actual open-mind living narrowing in many ways.

This article discusses some of these issues in the realm of psychology – where it meets brain science. I wasn’t aware there was a branch of knowledge known as ‘neuropsychology’. Also, I heard someone use the term ‘semantic apocalypse’ the other day in a podcast, I think to describe a situation where things are so dissected, parsed, and detailed that they become flat, dead, and meaningless. I am wondering if this is a real term. I need to search it out and learn everything to do with it, no matter what it takes, what ethical laws I violate, because that’s the kind of scientist I am.

FREUD IN THE SCANNER – Can Neuroscience Re-Habilitate Freud?

A revival of interest in the power of introspection and thought has brought Freud’s ideas back into the scientific fold

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