First-Hand Account of the C.H.A.Z. (City Hill Autonomous Zone) from a Cyberpunk Net Group Contact *UPDATED

There have been reports that the so-called “leader” of the Chaz was a sexual abuser, who was twitter posting with a girl who he had abused. People posted tweets from the two outlining this exchange. I didn’t save it when it came across my feed, I’ll do so next time as I think this type of thing should be documented.

I saw one report (*Found the images, posted above) that the Seattle police, after days of being besieged by protests, simply packed up and abandoned the precinct. Protesters suspected a trap, waiting for them to burn or otherwise damage the station. It was then that they prevented that damage from their ranks, rearranged the barracades and CHAZ was born.

The Seattle Times has an article on this: “What’s CHAZ? At the newly named Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, demonstrators are setting up a new protest society that on Tuesday was free of uniformed police. Many are wondering what’s next.”

My contact had this to say, having told me she had been to the CHAZ and rebuking those who were commenting that soon CHAZ would be demolished, either through some heavy-handed military action or other scheme that viewed the appearance of this happening some type of fluke, which, is of course, built into the philosophy of the Temporary Autonomous Zone as outlined by Hakim Bey.

“The CHAZ just has a bunch of like cliques doing their own little organized circles (closest thing I can compare it to is Burning man), maybe someone had some drama in their particular clique or something but the John Brown Gun Club isn’t threatening to kill anyone and the guy ****** is talking about wasn’t even welcome in the CHAZ to begin with because he works with the cops and has raped people down in Tukwila – him and that chick he works with were trying to have the cops herd people off Capitol Hill last week onto I5 for a march so they could co-opt shit. They’re not involved with organizing in the CHAZ in any way, they’re just some pig-loving, self-promoting vultures that no one on the street listens to that plant themselves in front of cameras”

What will be the fate of the Temporary Autonomous Zones in Seattle and D.C.? If that is the most urgent question you have pulsing in your brain, I might suggest, perhaps you are missing the point.

As the good book says, “Take no thought for tomorrow, for the day’s evil is sufficient unto itself.” #SOLIDARITYTOTHEREBELLION

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