‘EXPOSITIONS OF REBELLION’ – A Call From The St. Louis Writers Group THE MONARCH WRITERS To Add Your Voice To The Ongoing Protests

THE MONARCH WRITERS – a St. Louis Writing Group of diverse backgrounds and demographics, sees this time of social strife and turmoil as a time that cries for not just ACTIVISTS and ORGANIZERS, but also WRITERS and ARTISTS to lift up voices and stories that amplify the cries for justice. And perhaps offer EXPOSITIONS OF REBELLION. That is our group theme this month, and it means we hope to work on pieces that might contibute to these times the needed depth and clarity, the honor and respect these injustices require. And also show forth the rage and hope and deep breaths of life that just might pull us through. I welcome anyone to write with us to add your voice in this effort. You may share your story on our Facebook Page – The Monarch Writers or simply on your own blog, or, try to get it published somewhere! But these times call out for voices that are not afraid to speak their own minds and hearts! So sing loud and proud, and also, remember, to listen.

SOLIDARITY from The Monarch Writers!

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