President Trump tried his best to wage a war of attrition on civility and respect for other human beings against the people under his aegis. Within the compass of his rule he controlled so much of the narrative and view, that for YEARS it appeared those of us blocked up behind the walls he strove to erect in our society were in danger of starvation, capitulation, the need to forfeit our sense of justice and accede to his view of our realm. The lowest-common-denomenator view that we are all worthless and base creatures, uncapable of faith and cooperation. And then something happened. Something terrifying. An ‘officer of the peace’ in his role as the enforcer of the law, in this tide of fascism that people will quibble about the phrasing of, when the main voice of its vestige clearly called out ‘do not worry about how you treat suspects, smash their head on the car door when you arrest them’, caught on a video, a clear image, of this breath being caught in the throat of one of us. That cry George Floyd let out, calling for his mother, against an uncaring boot that would stay with pressure on, until he died, BROKE THE WALL THAT HELD US BACK. THE WAR OF ATTRITION IS OVER. IT IS TIME TO SPREAD JUSTICE AND HUMANITY AND LOVE ACROSS THIS WORLD.

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