“Sounds kind of like the ‘purity of essence’ speech in Dr. Strangelove.”

“Where’s the lie?”
“Well, Tucker’s an elite, to begin with! His framing of everything as a struggle from a position of conspiracy and oppression is a come on because his argumentation is weak and it lets you identify yourself with that weakness in yourself.
If he really believed what he was saying, he wouldn’t need to play everyone against eachother, especially immigrants, who are foundational to this country and it’s thriving.
He’s the posterboy for a lot of psychological insecurity
But once you buy into the narrative that the world is out to destroy you and everything you love, the thing that is most satisfying is to just listen to him tell you as much more, because the rest of the world is confusing when it either does, or does not, match up with the narrative.
Basically the playbook of white supremacist recruitment, you know, go figure.”

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