More of The Right Now More Than Less of The Less Than Stuff We Done Did Before

“What the hell did they do to you / To make you so scared of falling in love / And feeling you care? I pray, one day out there / You will find a love / That crowns you / And all the fears will come undone” – Scout Niblett, ‘What Can I Do?’

Had a good writers meeting on Monday, even though it was just four of us. A few folks couldn’t make it. Oh, plus it rained. So we actually went inside and did social distancing in my living room instead of staying in the back yard the whole time, then we went back out for a while, then back in when it started raining again. But even so it was a good meeting. I shared the bit I mentioned earlier that I wrote which I believe is the bookend for my first novel in the series I’m writing; the last scene of Book One – ‘The Skein’. I came up with it when I read a passage in a Martin Luther biography which talks about Luther’s fear of death and obsession with lowering himself before God to try to make himself worthy of salvation, in a true obsessive and compulsive manner, until he finally broke through with his reformation theology of faith alone being enough to save one. It allowed a person to still be human with human emotions and fears and doubts, but still find the promise of salvation in God’s plan. It freed him of a supernatural imprecation which his experience of God placed on him previously. Which is a very bad way of putting it. Because I imagine he felt it more as a burning away of impurities until he was left standing in the light of knowledge, not as what could be interpreted as a kind of cop-out as I put it.
However, a lot of these themes of being forced into situations, whether the human condition, or quarantine and lack of social functions, can lead one to more vibrant inner meanings, have been cropping up in the intellectual garden of late. I want to get back to doing a video blog, and will talk about how this Luther business relates to my character, and in order to make it relate more to my own work, hopefully so I can stay focused enough on it to not get burned out, I will read what I’ve written in the podcast as well. I’ll still talk cyberpunk and ideas, but want to base it on my own project more. That might make it more sustainable. I aim to do a new video this weekend, film Faturday and edit Sunday and into Monday, which is when I have another writers meeting. And then I might have something else to share if I get some writing together for that, and we’ll do it again next week, if we can get it going that way.

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