Racists Have No Home In Our Community


Went for a long walk in the heat through Carondalet park and came upon the old Lyle Mansion which dates back to before the civil war. Always wondered about it so I looked it up. It was built by a rich St. Louis carpenter Alexander Lyle on land given to his father by the King of Spain of all things. But “the Lyle family mysteriously disappeared, probably due to pressures brought about by their southern sympathies.” Thought about that for a while. And decided… It comes down to this. If it weren’t for appropriation of good things from evil in this world… There may simply be nothing at all to speak of. The lands surrounding the Mansion are now a public park, where I spent a lovely afternoon eating lunch. A man did come up accosting me about whether I had stolen his liquor from the nearby chain grocers, bit this was cleared up forthwith by appealing to my appropriately aggressive manner in defense, and a rational disclose of the contents of my backpack, which of course contained not the unlucky man’s pilfered spirits. A spider at one point crawled across my hand, alarming me verily, but I smacked it to oblivion with my cat like reflexes. A lovely afternoon, indeed.

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