Returning with a new dispatch, hoping to get back into doing this weekly.

Took some time off after getting overwhelmed with the schedule I set out to meet and then the killing of George Floyd sparking major protests across the U.S., which I tried to lend some support to. I also got a new computer that should make video rendering MUCH faster and hopefully I can get back on a weekly schedule of releasing a podcast, this time talking more about my own writing projects more and less about pop culture or whatever. In this episode I discuss a bit the outline of the novel series I’m working on ‘The Kybernetes Cycle: “Quo Vadis, Sailor?””. I talk some about the first novel in the cycle which I am currently at work on, which is titled ‘THE SKEIN’ and involves my main character’s Adolai Shungyosai’s invention of his proprietary brain-computer-interface technology. My writing aims to explore the cataclysms of TECHNOLOGY and SPIRITUALITY. Just last week I got some important insight into Shungyosai’s character while reading a biography of Martin Luther (Martin Luther: The Christian Between God and Death – by Richard Marius) and I talk about that, and then read the passage I wrote which will likely end up being the last scene, a kind of epilogue, at the end of the first novel, before he heads out to California to found his big tech company and his Virtual Reality Cult.

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