I worry about bomb-throwers and starving people, the way any healthy politician should

Not a good sign corporate hasn’t gotten on board with the thrust of people to change their lives and have a better shake. Meager reallocations of police funds. Some brands changing mascots. People thinking things are mostly over. They’re regrouping and no one has learned anything from anyone about what they are actually feeling. So you know it’ll just get harsher, louder, worse. You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

Pandemic Unemployment assisstance is due to run out soon. Millions and millions are still out of work, and Trump is gaming the jobs numbers, by his own admission. “We uh, we uh rounded these up!” They’ve only sent out one stimulus check. Unless you’re rich, it wasn’t a million dollars. I worry about cities burning and people rioting, because they haven’t freezed rent nation wide or halted evictions either. We’re looking at a massive crisis in care for our citizens, and the response from government has mostly been to deny the problem exists and talk out of both sides of their fat fucking mouths. Pray for America, because even if you protest for a better deal, chances are it will lead to a crack down and pushover of anyone who doesn’t know the score with broken skulls and implications that anyone upset about the state of police oppression is an Antifa terrorist. These are the bad days. Stay safe, stay sane. Be rowdy. They don’t give a fuck if you die.

You Do It To Yourself

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