A driver has run over two protesters on a closed Seattle highway, killing one.

It is not clear if this college student who was driving the car is directly related to the police officer who was crying in the McDonald’s drive through after her order didn’t come quick enough. Odds are he was in such a hurry to get to his fast food restaurant appointment that he felt justified in running down people with a vehicle he was at the time in full control of. Although some states have created laws protecting drivers attacking people protesting in roadways, in any sane person’s mind, having read the Department of Motor Vehicle’s handbook which clearly states one must be in control of the vehicle at every juncture, this is murder, and as if it proves a targeted threat to people peacefully protesting, domestic terrorism as well.

No word if the police escorted the driver to his fast food restaurant of choice after he was apprehended. Or what charges he will face for killing the woman.

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