Today’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Structure-Loving Capricorn May Spell Trouble For You Particularly Introspective Fascists – Read the Full Astrology Chart from America’s Favorite Right Wing Fortune Teller

Is the full moon today, in the star sign Capricorn, who is fond of structure and rules, an indication that your source of power and inner guidance might be cut off from its source? Perhaps the insurgency of underclass citizens demanding rights and freedom from unnecessary harrassment from your menial officers will score a symbolic victory. Your glowing system of Nationalism and pride in basic opportunity for those who fall in line with your demands may be overshadowed as it were, by forces not totally under your control. Even our most charismatic leaders cannot control the stars. At some point, even the God King must bow to fate. Unless that gesture resembles too much taking a knee. At which point, ew weak no no never wrong! I didn’t say that. We perfect. Perfect we. Collective. Forever. No flaws. Stomp them out. Hoo-ray.

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