Revamping Site – Moving Non-Writing Stuff Like Politics Elsewhere / New Video Dispatch Coming in a Day or Two

I am moving some of the material off of this site, namely the things more related to current events and politics. They will find a new home at my blog UNCENSORED LETTERS TO THE INNER EDITOR. I want to reserve this space for focus on more cyberpunk centric material, with interesting thoughts on related philosophy and literature. I also want to spend time talking about my own writing project, namely my novel series in progress. And posting things about news and the random bullshit of the world leads away from presenting a unified front of coherence and any real ideas about how one wants to make the world, just too much diversion from that. I guess I was spurred to make this change by being kicked off of Facebook for a month again. And also, I bought a domain for my writers’ group this week which you can check out and follow along with the things we discuss, at – Moral of the story is, design and presentation matter, people.

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