New Article from Joshua Skurtu About NOT Sending His Kid Back to School During a Pandemic: ‘Parenting at the Park While the World Burns Down Around You’

Joshua Skurtu is one of my fellow Monarch Writers. He has a new article about NOT sending his kid back to school during an out of control pandemic.


A single dad’s perspective on surviving five months in quarantine with a five year old that never, ever stops singing. And how he wouldn’t trade it for anything. Also, schools are opening…

Olivia fights the man at a protest for black lives by Joshua Skurtu

“My daughter will not step foot into a school next month. The cases are literally ten times higher here in Missouri than when we closed the schools back in March, which means we need to go back into lockdown. In March, we had a high of 80 to 100 cases a day. This week, we had 800 to 1000 new cases every day. We’re f-ing it up. If the schools open, I will be protesting that. I will bring every person I can find and block the school doors.

We can’t let them kill our kids.”

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