The Haunted Typewriter Weekly Dispatch – 07.20.2020 – A Cyberpunk Vlog from

‘Get Your Revolution At a Lower Price’ Discussing Despots and Dinner Dates with the Family. Reading a longer early chapter from my novel in progress ‘The Skein’, the first in a proposed series of cyberpunk novels titled ‘The Kybernetes Cycle’. Find out more about me, author Cypress Butane at I also am proud to say I landed a gig doing some freelance writing for the site so look for some forthcoming articles from Cypress Butane there. Written and Edited by CYPRESS BUTANE I chose the name ‘The Haunted Typewriter’ to encapsulate a number of meanings. First to say that as writers, when we sit down in front of our keyboard, there is a spirit at our shoulders, that of the whole history of literature and art that has come before. Whether it is there to spook us, intimidating us out of daring to attempt what we might attempt, or whether it might aid us as a steadying hand of fellowship, it also courses through us. There is no way to separate ourselves from it. And also, I think as a cyberpunk author, there is a hint of the ghost in the machine metaphor. That of the hardware and software mixture, where consciousness comes from a complexity and emergence. And the ghost is perhaps a poltergeist who shocks our fingers into action and energy. And finally, there is the curse of the mechanization of the human spirit, the player piano syndrome. Whereby machines may learn to do the things human beings hold as foundational to the meaning of their lives. IF artificial intelligence can write stories just as well, or better than any of us can… Well, do a predictive text with as the beginning of the sentence, and you let me know how it turns out. I’ll be here trying to make my life artful and mean something positive, to me. This blog will explore issues of literary theory and writing, the mind of the writer, techne and spirit, and cyberpunk philosophy and art.

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