If enough people DO believe in absurdities, they can and will endorse the committing of atrocities. It can and WILL happen. That’s how Nazis roll. Fascism is when you tie together the weak sticks to make a strong faggot bundle (look it up), and then use that with a blade attached to go out and cut down all the actual, real, healthy branches left and toss them on the fire. We’re very lucky the narrative is still on the side that these people are all f*in asshats and sycophantic droolers.
It’s not even that hard to defeat them. I mean, theoretically, and personally. That reporter who asked Trump ‘do you regret all the lies you have told in the past 3 years’? Just straight confront them, stand your ground, affect incredulity at them attempting to claim they are legit, and mostly they will push over. But it does take a certain courage, when you are prone to believing they are in control and buy into their narrative plays.

Our media tries so hard to keep the peace and save the status quo, they’ll be asking questions about Trump’s shower head pet peeve nonsense he was recently pushing, while they are being lined up and escorted into ‘the showers’ if you catch my drift.

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