Make Sure You Get Out And Vote for Biden 2020, Because There’s Still A Good Chance I Won’t

The Democratic National Convention is showcasing republicans and highlighting how much they will discount the progressive direction the country is screaming for. Undercurrents of demands for change, outrage at injustice, racial and economic. If Biden gets a big victory, he will be as likely to treat protesters as harshly, or with more authoritarian overzealotry as Trump. And do it with the sanction of liberal morons who are just glad things are ‘back to normal.’ Biden will also likely be a disaster on tech policy and many of the major issues that matter to the future. He could set us up for a dystopia better than an out and out fight with Trump does. So it’s a gamble either way. If you really think he is the one, get out and vote for Biden, because there’s still a good chance I won’t.

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