🎵 Slime Keeps on Slipping, Slipping, Slipping… Out Through my Suture…🎶

“*mumbling.. (I get the feeling there’s going to be a riot)…” – DJ Shadow

I’m writing backstory on my Main character, why he’s so fucked up. My writers group suggested sexual trauma, perhaps he’s been abused. And since he ends up a cult leader, it should be by someone big league, one of those high end sexual abuse instances, ‘like a madame’ they propose. I still haven’t finished that documentary on Iceberg Slim. I was gonna watch that back when I watched Dave Chappelle’s 8:46. He didn’t mention Iceberg in that video, but in one of his Netflix specials. How tied in to capitalism the pimp game is. And how Iceberg was great at expressing it in real terms. The documentary I was looking at starts about with his governess or whatever molesting him and him talking about it in very explicit terms.

Now I’m trying to watch this philosophy lecture video series on Philosophy Overdose youtube video channel. Isaiah Berlin talking about Romanticism. What it is. I’m gonna go ahead and post all the videos in that series here on the page, while I’m being all ‘i haven’t written a journal in too long and here’s a messy stream of consciousness’ about the whole thing.

1 Romanticism – In Search of a Definition (Isaiah Berlin – 1965)
2 Romanticism – The First Attack on Enlightenment (Isaiah Berlin – 1965)
3 The True Fathers of Romanticism (Isaiah Berlin – 1965)
4 The Restrained Romantics: Kant, Schiller & Fichte (Isaiah Berlin – 1965)
5 Unbridled Romanticism: Symbols, Fichte, Schelling, & More (Isaiah Berlin – 1965)

But I decided my character, who before I decided was obsessed with the sixties counterculture, and was probably an acid head of some kind, his ‘origin story’ for his fucked up ness was a bad trip, brought on when he was unwittingly dosed in the woods on Halloween by an LSD dipped joint. I had to read up, you can’t lace the weed, cause when it burns it doesn’t activate it or anything, you can only lace a joint by the paper being dipped and it going onto your lips when you put it in your mouth.

So, some bros fuck him over after he kind of pranks them with this app he makes, one of his first times coding anything. And he runs off into the woods and gets lost for the night in the dark away from this high school bonfire party. And I’m gonna bring in some other stuff to make it a real trip, like, all the shit going through his head while he’s out there, based on where his heads at in those time-space co-ordinates, what he was reading earlier that week. This is his first trip. I don’t know if I’ll make him an acid head, because if that’s your first experience, you’re not gonna be too keen. So it works out better, because then I can use computers as the medium for how he gets into far out ideas. I’m talking like an idiot. But what do you want, I’m writing. I’ve been really tired and ill and just barely been competent to do anything, but been keeping it above board.

But I got my first article posted on Cyberpunks.com so I’ve got a current-ish published presence now, so I’m excited about that. And I may have to make an effort to communicate with the denizens of the net in some form if I want to pretend like I am going to be a writer and perhaps ever produce something I’ve promised myself I am going to.

shall we dance ?

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