Top Ten Reasons It Would Be Better to Die Than To Live In the World Trump Envisions Himself The Savior Of

10. Because FUCK YOU, that’s why!

9. This really should be higher up, but gotta put it up front… because I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE.

8. Transexual Magick

7. Witchcraft and Pagan Moon Energy

6. Art is An Irresponsible, Transgressive, Socially Promiscuous Force for Channeling Desires and Dreams, and To Demand All Such Marvels Fit the Needs of the State is Heresy of the Highest Order

5. Because My Asshole Itches Constantly When I See These People Fucking Talking.

4. My Girlfriend’s Beautiful Penis

3. Because Fire Will Always Be More Beautiful Than Ice

2. Raising a Flag, Demanding Its Worship, And Killing Everything it Stands for Is Fascism


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