Bill Barr Seems to be feeling Bold – Is his next move to clear the path to the door for the Nazis? –

While White Nationalist Richard Spencer was attempting a continuing speaking tour at college campuses across the country, and following the earlier Neo-Nazi rally he helped organize in Charlottesville in early August 2017, anti-Fascist forces were aligning against him. What has followed has largely been a very slow, very public education of a desensitized War Boy begging us to ‘witness him’. As Spencer tells the tale in his Youtube video declaring a ‘college Tour Course Correction’, reminiscing back to the days of 2016, ‘my appearances were extremely controversial, but also safe’. Universities began canceling events due to security concerns.

QUOTES FROM RICHARD SPENCER’s YOUTUBE VIDEO ‘COLLEGE TOUR COURSE CORRECTION’: “What started to change? I think there was a natural escalation by AntiFa. And that’s just something we had to respec- We had to expect. But yeah, what changed was Charlottesville.” Gainesville

“It was effectively impossible for me to give any kind of speech.” “The normal students were getting scared away.” And we had a similar situation at Michigan state’

The idea of the college tour was to engage with students, perhaps faculty, and for these things to be controversial and edgy but also fun. When they become violent clashes and pitched battles they aren’t fun. This isn’t what the college tour is really about.

“I hate to say this, and I hesitate to say this, but… Antifa is… Antifa is.. winning.” … To the extent that they are willing to go further than anyone else.

“Antifa is being allowed to ‘win’ because they aren’t truly being policed.”

“There is no way that any legitimate police force can say, ‘well, we don’t know what to expect from them.” “The college tour is not about pitched battles. It is about intellectual activity. Until something changes I am going to have to rethink how I do this.”

NOW IN SEPTEMBER 2020, are we on the verge of seeing the Trump Admin seek changes in the law to go after people who espouse Anti-Fascist ideology, targeting people simply for their ideas? Thus allowing Richard Spencer to get what he hopes so dearly for, ‘a clear path to the door’…?

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