Sick of the Real World – I’m Starting My Own: A Road Itinerary For a Day UnWasted // What I’m Reading & Listening To & Watching

UGGGHh, feelz like I can’t breathe in this oppressive atmosphere, ya dig? Sick of the bullshit and surrounding atmosphere of despair, with no real light being offered as a guide or in spiTE! Fucckin A.


“Death, like so many great movies, is sad. The young fancy themselves immune to death. And why shouldn’t they? At times life can seem endless, filled with belly laughs and butterflies, passion and joy, and good, cold beer. Of course, with age comes the solemn understanding that forever is but a word. Seasons change, love withers, the good die young. These are hard truths, painful truths—inescapable but, we are told, necessary. Winter begets spring, night ushers in the dawn, and loss sows the seeds of renewal. It is, of course, easy to say these things, just as it is easy to, say, watch a lot of television. But, easy or not, we rely on such sentiment. To do otherwise would be to jump without hope into a black and endless abyss, falling through an all-enveloping void for all eternity. Really, what’s to gain from saying that the night only grows darker and that hope lies crushed under the jackboots of the wicked? What answers do we have when we arrive at the irreducible realization that there is no salvation in life, that sooner or later, despite our best hopes and most ardent dreams, no matter how good our deeds and truest virtues, no matter how much we work toward our varied ideals of immortality, inevitably the seas will boil, evil will run roughshod over the earth, and the planet will be left a playground in ruins, fit only for cockroaches and vermin. There is a saying favored by clergymen and aging ballplayers: Pray for rain. But why pray for rain when it’s raining hot, poisoned blood?”

― Dave Eggers, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

Here’s to the Trump government, and its impending Death.

One way or another, I for one am moving the fuck onward, forward, CONTINUING FORTH! Ya hear?


 “I’m trudging through this gray, wooly yarn. It’s clinging to my legs. Its really heavy to drag along”



Sick of my cat giving me the look like I’m wasting my time sitting at my PC worrying about some dumb shit

Will I ever be able to go back to being able to… not be ignorant.. but confident, that the world is not being run by monsters?

I know, you felt it to, when I said that, that you hate me for wanting to give up control, go back to sleep.

That’s what I’m saying. That’s where I’m at too.

And listen, about those bitter songs you sing?
They’re not helping anything
They won’t make you strong…

CURRENTLY READING – Marshall McLuhan – The Medium and the Messenger – by Philip Marchand

a good in depth biography of Marshall McLuhan from his early student days to his media career.

Doing this research so I can write a little bit longer article on him trying to talk about what his whole deal is and how he is relevant to today, for Cyberpunk culture and heading into the future for our media saturated culture.

ALSO, getting close to finishing up the series of MR. ROBOT.

Posting some random shit on my instagram to do with writing and tagging it for #InStaWriMo ostensibly getting ready for National Novel Writing Month in November.

And getting ready to have a hopefully fun but basically uneventful HALLOWEEN SEASON.

And now I leave you, and though I have expressed some honesty, that I am sick of feeling this way, I also say I don’t expect things to change any time soon. I used to stay sane by walking to the coffee shop and spending the day sitting in a nice atmosphere whiling away the hours studying and sipping deliciousness, just a regular being a regular. Now, another winter is upon us, and I’m sick of my house, sick of having nowhere to go, wanting to shake things up…

but I’m thirsty, I tells ya. As ever. and my lungs are healthy. and I don’t want to sit this one out, despite the world’s worth of sidelines. So, there.

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