Underground Witches/& Psychologists Question Whether the Ugly King Should have Empathy for the Millions He Makes Wish a Quick Death Upon a Sick Old Man

Today I will read more of the book I am woefully behind on doing research on for an article I’m supposed to be writing.

Researching Marshall McLuhan, reading and looking at nothing but his work for a week and a half, got kind of boring. I am having a really shitty month. I have seasonal affective disorder, or basically, just fucking hate winter and have no real plan to survive another one. I walk outdoors, have no car, can’t even take the bus to get to the YMCA to walk indoors this year. So I am trying to switch to indoor mode, like a cat who usually would roam miles and miles out and about during a day, deciding to just lay around most of the time. Maybe get one or two things done, so the day isn’t totally wasted. But completely switching gears.

So, reading Marshall McLuhan. That’ll be one thing I do today. Also, cleaning a bit. And if I feel like it, watching another episode of Mr. Robot, season 4. Almost done with the series and I hope the ending is uplifting, though the past few episodes have been really harrowing.

I woke up on a f’ed up sleep schedule at midnight, and I have my writers meeting at 6pm today. I will need to take a nap, but it is the only thing each week that keeps me sane, so I don’t want to miss it. I want to bring something to read. Let’s see if I can get anything together.

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