Getting to the ‘Kernel’ of My Novel, and Over My Pattern of Endlessly Sprawling Scenes Until I Abandon Too Complex Works

This week I am rededicating myself to working on the first novel in a proposed series, and feel like I am making progress in a certain distinct way. I think I have been doing this writing thing long enough now to have a grasp of the craft and what it takes to write something as lengthy and complex as a novel, and then a series of novels, so that I have the balls juggling in the air, the threads of the web on the ends of my spider-needle-hands, and various other metaphorical fingers in pies and pots on burners as well.

I hope this means I will be able to get down to work as we head into what is sure to be an arduous and daunting winter season. And I will need the help of my writers group and friends to stay in contact to stay motivated, though soon it will be too cold to meet in person, I have a slight sense of energy and hope at this moment, that I may be onto something good.

My story and its crux, the relationships at the core, the things I want to focus on, are coming into view. Wish me luck. And I pray to the muse and the spirits of art that I find what I need to carry on through.

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