Too many soapboxes, not enough violins / Too many shipwrecks‚ not enough sirens

The New Pornographers – Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile (Official Music Video)

So much wasted time in my life. I have a desire to change things, but have such trouble figuring out how to grasp the corners to turn this unfurled, floorspread flag into a suitable gift to the dead soldier in me. I’d like to be in a different place so I had more places to walk to. Want to get a new locale, so that I might get away from it, see. The issue I have is getting free. I could find fault with the coziness of a blanket covered wintery day. Getting conformed to the style of giving myself too much, too much away. Talk shit about a pretty sunset? I just want something interesting to get me through this feeling things are not quite quite okay. Signal flares, fires on the beach, a line of sight on some long sought better day.

Talkin’ Shit About a Pretty Sunset Modest Mouse Cover

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