Congratulations to Presedent Elect Joe Biden – and Good Luck to Those Who Have Lost All Grasp of Reality Who Aren’t Coming Back

I just unfollowed a blog that was posting a lot of things about how this election isn’t over. There’s plenty you could say about this, how you’ve been following a liar for four years and now you are throwing good money after bad. But let’s just suffice to say. You lost, in an election it is basically impossible to rig, and now you aren’t backing down. I do think you should at least reconsider your strategy, for your own health. Have a nice time. The only reason I posted this is to declare I don’t even care much for Biden, I think he’s extremely middle of the road and welcome as a contrast to Trump’s legit insanity. But that’s about it. I’m just glad Trump’s gone.

I will be watching to see how self-destructive Trump’s psychosis turns out to be in his legitimate loss here. As you folks like to say, even if you don’t like the motherfucker, he is a fun show.

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