Poetic Police Sipping Coffee Out the Tenement Window, Work Off Correlations In Case, Burst Ahead Without Causation – I see the Both-Ways Movement Now: ‘If You Want to Expose Character, Give Someone Power’ / AND / ‘To Make Someone Become Who They Are – TAKE IT AWAY’

I need to finish an article I promised a long time ago for the site I freelance for on Marshall McLuhan, so I am working on that today. The point I will aim for making with it is on the Science of Not Being a Monster. How circumstances, technologies, and the future overwhelm, and it is never clear how much you must be the one, the character who strides into rooms and changes their tone with your self-assured energy of downright arrogant swagger. Versus the perpetual student, always willing to sit down, learn a lesson, be humble, to a point; be proven wrong.

So, is it, are you what they always said you were? Then? A maniac. You have a condition. Take your pills. Settle down.

Just remember, the poet cops and the world revels in the jangly bangles of hips a-sway, THE WALKING CONTRADICTION.

How far you might push and dare, you be headed for suicide-by-cop if you should saunter into the realm of PARADING PARADOX. But how sweet your moment, mustly be, of determined dissolution.

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