Online Philosophy Teaching Sessions With PIERRE GRIMES Are Amazing Experiences of Insight and Depth

I listened to a lecture by Pierre Grimes a while back and have since tracked him down again after it popped back into my head the other day. There are a number of youtube lectures in front of an inquisitive classroom, given at the Noetic Society, which are incredibly intense and instructive on a wide array of philosophy subjects. Check out these youtube channels for videos :
PostNothingness / Pierre Grimes and the Noetic Society

The following lecture I just watched mainly on Parmenides has a lot of wild moments regarding the philosophy of time and the nature of reality. In addition to giving an overview of the philosophers ideas, Pierre gives knowledgeble context to these thinkers recaptured from the dominant narrative, which often downplays the significance of individual thinkers in their own right.

Pierre Grimes (born 1925) is an American philosopher. He is a lecturer at the Noetic Society (founded in 1967), which is a philosophical research society dedicated to the study of the mind by means of Socratic method. He has delivered hundreds of lectures on Greek philosophy many of which are available freely online.

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