Being Religious Means Being Of a Mind to Make Oneself Righteously Inconvenienced by the Truth, NOT Conveniently Truth-Proof: New Supreme Court Decision to Indulge Religious Communities in Anti- Covid-Safety-Measures Must Be Met With A Practical, Sane HUMILIATING BACKLASH AND GRASSROOTS DISENFRANCHISEMENT

This is partly written as research for upcoming articles I’ve been tasked with putting out on Timothy Leary, whose Internal Freedom cult aimed to make LSD legal by claiming it their legitimate sacrament, and an article on Heaven’s Gate, who I hope to treat with due respect as a latter day cult of earthly renunciation, in the grand tradition of all Christian debasements of pagan virtue (per Nietzsche’s view of Christianity as a slave morality evolution).

I have great respect for spirituality, and even religion. Of course I do. “I am human, and I think nothing human is alien to me.”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge once famously dismissed Percy Bysshe Shelley’s atheism as a grievous personal failure. Percy…

could have been one of the great ones, just like Penny Lane says of Russell in Almost Famous.

He just never found in his experience’s anvil-beating alchemical forgework the equation to build up a ‘Archimedian Point’ of view-from-above, both outside-AND-within himself.

This is essential to human maturity, I feel. Thus, I both believe in God, and respect spiritualities and religion.


To conceive of God, I once wrote, may preclude one’s becoming inhuman. Think of this, – imagining the otherword (or afterworld) makes your toes drift from the earth, through the strands of grass, into the imagined else. This is a danger to your connection to both life, and us, each-other.

So, a supreme court case that says ‘religious rights’ (whatever that might be) trump public safety, I say, should be met with swift public backlash, of a cultic nature. I do not call for it, but call it inevitable. Not everyone believes what you believe, or the same as you do. If you put others in danger, you ARE a danger. Like the Christians brought down Rome with their revolutionary morality, by setting your moral as authority above human interest, you make yourself the enemy of life and brotherhood. And it’s just that simple.

God gave us a virus, I imagine he’s testing us to see how we react. You just priced yourselves right out of the kingdom of earth. Go read some Saint Augustine and rethink your investment ALL-IN on the afterlife. I think your bid for the world after death, not just smacks of desperation, but also gives too much away your leperous hand.

Fuck you and your death cult nonsense.

That is all.

“I want to speak to the despisers of the body. I would not have them learn and teach differently, but merely say farewell to their own bodies– and thus become silent.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

It’s not just the entire writings of Paul that were trying to equivocate the need for the community to experience the kingdom of heaven POST-HASTE without wanting to wait what has turned out to be two-thousand fucking years for Jesus to return. It’s the intentions of Jesus and the disconcerting meaning of eternal life and ‘whosoever believes in me shall never die’ that are up in the air these days. Chaos never died, none of these questions are easy, and ‘Whoever believes will not be in haste.’ – (Isaiah 28:16)

Amy Coney Barrett is going to be the death of Christianity, just you wait.

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