Was Thinking About Watching Some Old Movies For Thanksgiving, Can Anyone Tell Me (Not Having Seen His Movies…) Is JOHN WAYNE a Good Role Model for Men, Or Is He Some Kind of Power Crazed Maniac Who Never Listens to Reason?

James Woods seems to like John Wayne when he’s feeling groovy about his prospects. But he’s also on a reeal high horse about how Trump didn’t lose his precious throne these days. So I’m not sure if the John Wayne philosophy is really any good for a man who sees ups and downs, or if it’s just strong arm horseshit like the lefties say it is. Anything real there worth looking into? Inquiring minds want to know.

Seems like maybe he’s trying to teach people to be tough and stand up for what’s right. So why he wants Americans to leave their home country when a Democratic candidate loses an election is beyond me. I think he would be for citizens sticking around to try to improve their country, but you know, I’m just a tough guy keeping his cards close to his chest and pretending to be rational when he’s really an impulsive nut regardless of what happens. Like heroes are.

Private Joker, my spirit animal, mocks the drill Sargent in ‘Full Metal Jacket’ as a John Wayne type authority. He takes his lumps, and survives. His great triumphal song? “I’m in a world of shit, yes, but I’m alive, and I am not afraid.” If Wayne is determined to be the authority who knows the truth and dishes it out with impunity, I hope he is worth listening to, honestly. In the meantime…

What’s this Mickey Mouse Bullshit!?

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