Is The Solution to New Proposed French Anti Police-Video-Sharing Law A Universal Pattern of Declaring ‘FUCK THE POLICE!’ ?

Obviously, as a modern day principled citizen of a democracy, I am no fan of censorship or covering up police malpractice. So is the answer to new proposed French legislature that would make it illegal to share video of police if the believed ‘intent’ is to make police look bad or to incite people the template I am proposing below, which can be placed uniformally over EVERY depiction of police, in ALL circumstances. It shows laughing faces and a neutral declaration of ‘FUCK THE POLICE!’ – In this way, it leaves people free and responsibile, as upright mindly citizens of a democratic nation, to interpret the material by their own lights. If you like what you see the police doing, why then, clearly it means, ‘have sex with these sexy police!’ Thusly, the problem of individual consciousness and responsibility of reacting to depictions, of police and their varied behavior is solved. Permanently. And everything will be forever under authorial control. You’re welcome.

Dangerous – open to interpretation depiction of police – be wary citizen!

Place the template over the depiction to ensure safety!

Clearly modern societies immersed in social media and violent image depictions have a problem with irrational subjects acting in erratic fashion, responding to the stimuli that comes across their dash. The only solution is to clear-cut their human sensorium to the bone with medicated- sanitized- policy of full-bore authorial lockdown, and making the user point secure through complete scorched earth agency reduction. Your vapid human emotions will thank you once we take over and the pallate is cleansed to chew the colorless victuals of concrete, chainlink, and dust. God Bless.

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