Why Should You Go Vote In Georgia If The Vote Is Decided Already by Dominion?

The answer is, you shouldn’t. If you believe your fate is sealed by forces outside your control, there’s no reason to act in any manner other than the most convenient to your already ingrained and inertially secured patterns. Anything negative that comes up in your path is clearly ‘fake news’ and just wants you to fail so do not rise to the challenge, ever. The best thing you can do is adapt to ever worsening conditions by retreating into a deeper, more depraved and fatuous fantasy. The world IS out to get you. More setbacks ARE coming. Do not leave your home. Lock your doors. Fear your neighbor’s slightest movement. Even Fox News can no longer sate your desire to be coddled in these nightmare visions. Whatever you do, don’t.

What is the pointed barb at the edge of your fear? The simple truth that calling everything negative a lie has zero evolutionary survival value.

You made your bed. Now set it on fire.

Learn to bake bread, you zombie fuck.

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