By Not Conceding, Trump and His Cult are a Threat to National Security

Armed pro-Trump protesters gather outside Michigan elections chief’s home

Armed protesters alleging voter fraud surrounded the home of Michigan’s secretary of state

Georgia Official Urges Trump to Condemn Threats Against Election Workers: IT HAS TO STOP

Indulging Trump is a mistake. Indulging his supporters his a mistake. Not being utterly forceful against their lies is a mistake. This game of playing ‘how far can I push my alternative reality until people start shooting to make it true’ is not a game history affords a sense of humor about.

Trump is a madman and anyone who comes near him needs to speak to him as if he is so. He is intent on surrounding himself with yes-men and close his circle of deception. In such a situation a heckler or a reporter asking a tough question becomes a hero. Every inch counts, because fascism arrives like the tide. One such as Trump plays dictator, dipping their toes in, and as long as there is enough give, they march forward until the whole world is awash in blood. We must stand for the truth. But the best defense against this nonsense is hearty laughter. The attitude matters. This fuckstick Trump is a pathetic character who can’t even handle losing an election, and he wants to conquer America and destroy all resistance? Gimme a fucking break. You’re living in a goddam fantasy. Go the fuck to bed, old man. You are a joke. And as for his followers, if you want to go murder your fellow Americans for Dear Leader Trump, go do it, you wanna-be domestic terrorist. We’re getting sick of seeing that garbage suicide king act like we care about what he has to say about anything. He’s just another shlub who had his 15 minutes and now his time is up. Have a nice day. If you’re gonna keep fighting for Trump, do tell us what you’re going to call the new country you’re starting, cause you’re running out of U.S. Constitution real fast.

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