Girl Reading Tarot Cards in the Parking Lot Explains ‘The Great Conjunction’ of Saturn and Jupiter

“Yeah, it’s kind of big. But it’s just one aspect of the whole character of the heavens, so.”

“Saturn represents like fame, wealth, that kind of thing. It’s got its own meanings in everyone’s individual charts. And likewise Jupiter is growth, healing, fortune, even miracles.”

“So what does it mean? For who? For you? Or for like, the world as a whole? Wealth meets growth and healing? Maybe it is the overthrow of the bourgeoisie in some great revolt and a redistribution of wealth, robin-hood style, man. I dunno. You know Zizek says the system as we know it is reaching the limits of its own possibility, so. Watch out for that.”

“To me, I think it means what the radio man says it means. One planet is bigger than the other, and when they come stacked on eachother like that. It kinda looks like a snowman. It’s gonna be Christmas tomorrow, my good dude. Stack your wealth and fame on top of your growth and good fortune, roll them all downhill until they accumulate into a big ball of ice. And put a human face on it.”

“If you want a tarot reading, it’s $5. I can’t just sit around here all day talking to my many fans, you know.”

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