Was Nashville Bomber Mad at AT&T for… “Reasons”, Like Their Ownership of CNN?


Was the Nashville bomber perhaps following through on some of the right wing rhetoric about the ‘censorship’ of the Hunter Biden laptop story? That the ‘staggering truth’ that Hunter Biden has a big cock and likes to fuck women and someone had some kind of a laptop they got from a pawn shop and made up a fun story to go with this ‘source’ was being withheld from the public? That this information would somehow influence people to like Donald Trump, who most people find completely impossible to vote for, for any reason, no matter who his opponent? That people would be influenced by a spurious story about Biden being in bed with China from a cult who refuses any kind of evidence that Trump is in bed with Russia?

But wait, if this is in fact something possibly behind the motive of the Nashville Bomber… why stop pushing? Why not have the right called to his cause? Does the right not actually want to live in a country full of suicide bombers? Or if the left is withholding this information, are they every bit the conspiracy cover-up crew that the Alex Jones lot would have us believe? I don’t find it hard to believe news corporations would try to keep quiet and ‘stoke’ a calmer public by not pointing out that the terrorist blowing up American cities was an ally of the leader of the current fascist regime. But is that an appropriate apologetic for keep the full story from the people who may be influenced, OR– A self-fulfilling prophecy of a misinformed public?

Are we simply being controlled, stoked to madness, by people who believe in nothing but keeping us frustrated and in perpetual despair, so when someone does snap and place a pea beneath the slumbering mattress of us all, they have no recourse but to stack more mattresses on top? That seems most likely to me.

…On Ryder Trucks in Oklahoma City, and the “Princess Who Didn’t Even Feel The Pea” –

At least for this lonely, paranoid, and yes, suicidal IT doofus who blew his shit up… SHOW’S OVER. So, go on with your lives citizens.

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