McConnell Rigged the Process so 2K$ Checks Would Be Unlikely, But Corporate Dems Voted To Let Him Do So Procedurally, Not Putting Up Any Real Fight to Block. We Need to Elect Dems in GA and Take the Senate Simply So Politicians – of Either Party – Can’t Hide Behind Blaming ‘The Other’ To Be Utterly Worthless.

Senate Democrats Could Have Defied Mitch McConnell on $2,000 Checks. They Chose Not to.

Most of politics has been relegated to grievance, these days. As long as you can direct the anger and frustration of the populace at a suitable, (however inappropriate) target to BLAME, you never even have to attempt to address the actual issues underlying. And yes, Trump has led the Republicans down this path full-bore hellbent on being totally hypocritical and substantially bankrupt. So, the only way I can see to combat this is to have Democrats control the Executive and Both Chambers, so that any deflection they might try to not follow through on the things they claim to believe in, falls squarely back on themselves. Does this mean I think the government should go wild in some directional crusade to push the country out of balance? Absolutely not. I would just like it to do simply anything worthwhile. I think the GOP is the party that wants power, but doesn’t believe in government, on principle. Many of their constituents don’t believe in taxation (‘tax is theft’) and abhor social programs as ‘handouts’ to people who ‘don’t deserve them.’ The fact that nevertheless the government does exist and collects taxes leads them into the trap of electing grifters who take that money and pocket it, as long as they satisfy with rhetoric that that money isn’t going to ‘poors’.. Often the very people voting these GOP grifters in. Or, their grievance is simply that certain people they find offensive are allowed to exist under the umbrella of democracy and they would prefer we all suffer rather than these undesirables be treated as human beings… though it means they themselves live in an economic dystopia.

The Dems don’t have this cognitive dissonance, though Neo-Liberal politics mirrors many of the issues in terms of a ‘distaste’ for the underclass. But many on the actual left have a strange connect to the basis of this right rhetoric, that government is corrupt; but they don’t have the blockage on government’s purpose: SERVE THE PEOPLE and not the ‘representatives’ in government. So, go figure what happens when the government is aligned with a full house of fake politicians who have all said they want to help working class people, lined up against a public demanding they be as good as their (full-knowingly on all sides) fraudulent rhetoric. It should be a good show.

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