Trump Tweets His Base Must ‘NEVER FORGET’ How Some GOP Back the Will Of the People Rather Than His Coup Bluster, Calling Up the Language of 9/11 and Retroactively Destroying More of America’s Self-Respect

‘NEVER FORGET’: Trump threatens Cotton over Electoral College certification

“How can you certify an election when the numbers being certified are verifiably WRONG,” Trump tweeted.

The feeling is that this kind of shouty, loud-y yell-y -ness from the supposedly respectable position of the Commander in chief, with language once used to rally the American people to defense against an attack on their soil from a foreign enemy, retroactively downplays the once palpable hysteria of 9/11. And as a man who supposedly disagreed with the aftermath of 9/11 leading to the lie-based and misguided middle east invasion, this makes one more think Trump is trying any despicable measure he can to save his own dumb ass from feeling the feels of losing an election. Whatever this boy gonna do, he needs to do it, and we need to get him the fuck out of our way. As Jack Handy once said, ‘If you ever drop your keys in a river of molten lava… forget it man, cuz they gone.” Likewise, Trump trying to stoke the country to come to his aid to, I suppose murder half the country when even the one benefit of allowing a white supremacist insurgency to materialize –clearly the corona-virus vaccine trains aren’t running on time– is a waste of everyone’s goddamn valuable time. Forget it jake, it’s ‘The Dark Knight’ boat scene.

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