Historians, Reflecting On Trump’s Presidency and In Light of Recent Capitol Insurrection Events, Settling On View That Donald J. Trump, 45th President, Will Be Remembered as a Pugnacious Thirst Trappy Bitch

Professor Winklin, an expert in Presidential history, made statements: “I’ve known crackhead strippers who actually had more integrity with regards to what they were selling than this cracker. He is a tease, he pushes it right up in your face, but he is plain and simply, a thirsty bitch. He don’t give it to nobody. I bet he’s never been– You know what. I don’t want to speculate on the private affairs which lead him to act this fugnaciously. Suffice it to say, he is a thot.”

Another historian said he will best be remembered for his mouth skills and his supercilious hair.

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