Minister Spokespeople of Rising Technocratic Government Order Claim Incident of Unruly White Airline Passenger On Video Yelling Police Were “Treating Him Like A Black Person” During Arrest Is Clear Sign Peace Is Impossible Until We Are Under the Heel of Impartial Robot Army That Sees Us ALL, EQUALLY As Cud-Chewing Chattel

White Doctor Who Accused Cops of Treating Him ‘Like a Black Person’ Says He Was ‘Proving a Point’

“What is needed is a scanner of not just the content of what these people are posting on the internet, but into their hearts and minds as well,” said the Minister, from a leather chair in the shadowy corner of a well decorated room on the four hundredth floor of the high tower.

“Only once all human beings are treated with the same impartial manner when they make the faulty decision to step out of line and disturb the peace, and are summarily put back in order by cold, unfeeling robot soldiers, will there be a civilization of compassion and law and order. If the line is clear, no one can be upset when they are severely reprimanded for drawing outside of it,” he continued, while drawing on a cherry-red burning cigar, clouding the room with puffs of nebulous smoky discharge. He let out a low, rumbling laugh. “Now, please media person, I need peace. I must think of how we are to deal with the unfortunate Harrison Bergeron incident on the syndicated signal outputters this evening last. Good day.”

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