Timothy Leary: A Biography – by Robert Greenfield – A Review – The High Priest of L.S.D. – The Guru of The Sixties CounterCulture – The Shaman Of Cyberpunk Connection Chaos-Magick

This is an amazing biography. Timothy Leary led an enigmatic, deep, and complex life. Greenfield tells the story of that life from his parentage to the end, and is a serious trip, but not a heavy one. This lengthy book genuinely does the man justice, paying heed to both the tabloid nature of much of his time on earth, while not trivializing what he stood for in the most far out moments of his personal psychedelic quest. And though he was a major media figure and the book covers all of this with insight and interesting detail, it also grounds him ultimately in his human relationships. An incredible book.

I am working on an article on Timothy Leary for Cyberpunks.com and hope to put together an accompanying video. It will be addressed to a Cyberpunk culture audience, which, Tim had much to say toward technology in the latter half of his life. I’m looking forward to putting some thoughts together on this man who was definitely deeply influential to much of the world we are living in now.

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