Rudy Giuliani Suggests Instead of Trump Impeachment Trial, He Be Able to Face A Chosen Senator in ‘TRIAL BY COMBAT’

Echoing his earlier call for legal matters to be settled by violent clashes of champions in old fashioned gladitorial matches, just previous to the Insurrection attack on the Senate building to attempt to overthrow the United States 2020 Presidential Election, Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani made similar statements today.

“Look, they want to have an impeachment, and put president Trump on trial for something or other, I don’t know– I think he has the right to engage in TRIAL BY COMBAT. President Trump has, what’d Mitch say, two weeks to the trial? That is plenty of time for him to get into shape to wield a double-handed sword or perhaps a battle axe, Sidney Powell suggests two single-handed swords– and take to the Senate Floor to go toe to toe with whatever upstart Senator they want to choose as Champion to attempt to convict him and impeach him.”

Trump, in the background doing pushups to some manner of montage music, echoed that he was ready to fight this Hoax and drink the blood of his enemies out of a diet coke 2-Liter bottle such as is the custom for his clan.

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