Modern Cyberpunk Keeps Forgetting the PUNK – from (Comic Book Resources) BY ANTHONY GRAMUGLIA

Modern cyberpunk works are bringing the cyber, but they keep forgetting the genre’s anti-establishment ties.

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Many modern works of cyberpunk remember to lather their films, shows, games and anime with cybernetics, but they forget the key element of cyberpunk: punk. The core appeal of cyberpunk to audiences in the ’80s was that it highlighted how technology failed to make life better. In fact, it often made things worse. The original works of cyberpunk centered around hackers and “street samurai” who were able to navigate the seedy underbelly of a world controlled by big business and computers.

While there are brilliant works of cyberpunk fiction, many high-profile works from the last five years use the style of cyberpunk without its substance. For instance, Cyberpunk 2077 exists as a complete antithesis to the themes introduced in works like William Gibson’s Neuromancer — a fact Gibson himself has commented on — but why does modern cyberpunk lack bite?

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