Marjorie Taylor Greene Proving a Powerful Voice Bringing Attention to the Dearth of Mentally Ill and Incompetent in Positions of Authority

Marjorie Taylor is proving a shining beacon for many in the mentally ill community, as reports indicate they see in her ascendence positive signs that deranged psychopathy and general mental unwellness could be seeing its moment. Political representation seems to be growing both for mentally defecient communities, as well as the functionally illiterate, in what amounts to a trend. I interviewed a person in a half open hospital gown on the couch next to me during my most recent stay in inpatient while we saw a news segment on Marjorie Taylor during our half hour of allotted tv time each evening. “That lady is fucking nuts,” said [name redacted to protect from reprisals from nefarious cabals]. “But God damn, if she can stand up there and people listen to her, maybe I can finally get heard about the hamster that lives inside the closet upstairs… You know.. upstairs. You get it.” He pointed to his head.

Clearly these are turbulent times, and anyone who can get out there and bring attention to the forgotten people, like long time psych ward patient Karen, who is strapped down in four point restraints for most of the day due to her nurse-biting habits, is a force for good. When the nurse brought around our meds for the evening, Carly the pyromaniac led a call for Karen to be given some time out of restraints, which was seconded. There were even suggestions Karen should be made the Lord Emporer Queen Supreme of the ward. Clearly Greene has an inspiring effect on some.

Once we had been injected with the calm down shots, we all stood around the television basking and drooling in Greene’s heroic, and historic, glow. It was nice moment in a small part of America that doesn’t get much attention usually, and was only interrupted when a screaming person ran through the room naked, smearing feces upon the television.

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